What we do

The plaques on buildings that commemorate who was born or lived in them. Or the re-enactments in costume that re-create the atmosphere of past events that happened in a place. Opportunities to acknowledge and share a common “we-ness” and to say something about ourselves to those who know nothing about us. In a world in which it is increasingly difficult to establish relationships, whether between generations or with those who come from outside, one in which grandparents are less and less likely to tell their stories to their grandchildren and those who arrive often do not even know the language, taking up the thread of “who we are, where we come from” can create social value. Identity and openness go hand in hand, one being the premise for the other to turn into exchange and integration.

Urban Genoma proposes public history and projects designed to make the history of urban spaces known to a non-specialist public, to the young and to visitors from abroad, with the aim of:

  • fostering social cohesion by telling historical narratives with which people can identify;
  • promoting awareness of the value that the past can assume in the present and favouring the local community’s support of projects for the exploitation and reuse of local heritage;
  • “translating” local history and traditions for those who have different ones;
  • enhancing places that apparently lack history and identity by rediscovering their origins and evolution;
  • raising the level of public debate by providing comprehensible but scientifically based information on the urban historical legacy;
  • contributing to the creation of an image of the city that will enhance its attractiveness and allow it to take on its international competitors.

For whom we do it

  • government offices, tourism promotion and local development agencies
  • museums, heritage sites and other cultural institutions
  • private foundations and nonprofit organizations
  • cultural and third-sector associations
  • school boards
  • local associations

Contact us: urbangenoma@assesta.it

Our Projects