What we do

In business, even the passing of time can have a value. It suffices to think of the official registers of historic workshops or of the prestige that original brands retain even when companies change hands. But the past also plays a central role in shaping the visual identity of cities and regions

Our professional advice, integrated projects and communication products utilize the urban heritage and local history as a repository of content for:

  • operations of place branding and place marketing – both for local areas (from regions to single buildings or properties) and local institutions or organizations;
  • the construction of place identity systems at the urban and regional level
  • the georeferencing of exhibitions and displays on subjects that can be traced in urban space
  • the production of videos and documentaries for promotional, educational or scientific purposes
  • publishing projects related to the urban territory
  • training programs for tourist guides and tourist industry operators.

For whom we do it

  • local and international property developers and investors
  • government offices
  • cultural institutions (e.g. museums, cultural associations, exhibition curators)
  • media agencies
  • filmmakers and cinema and television studios
  • videogame developers
  • architecture and design practices
  • event organizers
  • trade associations and professional bodies
  • tour operators.

Contact us: urbangenoma@assesta.it