Who we are

The Urban Genoma project was started within Economia e Sostenibilità (EStà) by a group of Milanese from different industries – university researchers, journalists, and experts on social innovation, digital cartography and web communications – who shared a common objective: to turn urban history into a fresh subject that is able to emerge from schoolbooks and academic texts and become a resource to the city’s inhabitants and visitors.

Since the first steps in 2014, the aim has remained the same: to map and investigate the persistence of the past and use it to create projects and communication contents that use the heritage of urban spaces to enrich the present and the future of our own cities.

The project’s first experimental laboratory has been in Milan, but our work has brought us to develop methodologies that can be applied in other cities in Italy and abroad, too.

The research centre

To develop and promote the Urban Genoma project, EStà has set up a research centre, based in the Cascina Cuccagna, Milan: its function is to stimulate the encounter between different spheres of knowledge and the debate over the city’s historical heritage and to produce contents and services rooted in urban history that, supplied to our public and private partners, also contribute to the financial sustainability of the initiative. 

The Centre is open to any individual and institution, in Italy and abroad, that shares its goals.

The Centre’s activities aim to:

  • promote the conduct of interdisciplinary research that involves its members;
  • encourage cooperation between academic researchers and amateurs interested in the history of urban territories, with the aim of building a network of scholars, professionals, associations and amateurs of urban history and support its activities;
  • collaborate with other structures and institutions that pursue similar objectives in Italy or abroad;
  • develop research programmes of national and European interest;
  • support the historical research on Milan’s urban territory and its dissemination at a national and international level;
  • produce communication contents aimed at disseminating the historical values present in urban territories.

The founders

Rocco Ronza

Academic Coordinator

Chiara Maranzana

Editorial Coordinator

Aldo Castellano

Academic Board

Barbara Galli

Academic Board

Massimiliano Lepratti

Academic Board

Luca Mocarelli

Academic Board

Lanfranco Senn

Academic Board

Andrea Vecci

Academic Board